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Privacy Policy


American Marvels collects information from you to create a trusted link between multiple computers. This information includes the collections of a unique username (e-mail address) and password. This information is used to create a secure connection between computers running Surfboard and includes the use of cookies which store unique identifiers on your PC to share your clipboard data with other computers running Surfboard. The information exchanged between computers is temporarily stored on a host server so that it can be transmitted to each copy of Surfboard running under one user’s login information.

The information collected by Surfboard and the host server including your login information, username and password is not stored, shared, distributed or otherwise used for any use other than to link the clipboards of PCs running Surfboard. No information collected is shared with any third party; including web loggers, media resources, advertisement or other use.

Use of this software constitutes your full agreement to this Privacy Policy & Terms of Use Policy.